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Beneath his mysterious appearance, Dausauruu is always very cuddly.

Our first “penetrable”!

Original Muzzle Design by Desytro, Revised by Götlife

Art/Charts by Ktarrhbr

Weight : Size 1 - 1.2 kg

Base price : Size 1 - 100€ 

All toys are made with Platinum Silicone.

See our FAQ for further information.

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--Additional information--

Maximum insertion diameter : 5cm ( 1,9 in )

Above this figure, the risk of damaging the entrance/mouth of the toy is significant.

Improper use may/will produce the same result. 

A seam may be visible two centimeters from the opening, this is perfectly normal.
This is due to the artisanal nature of the manufacturing process.

Dausauruu Shop

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